Juno And The Paycock

2272. JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK (1930-ENGIAND). WITH sara allgood, barry Fitzgerald. Directed by ALFRED HITCHCOCK, based on the play by SEAN O’CASEY. Alfred Hitchcock makes a striking departure from suspense films with this powerful and straight-forward adaptation of the classic Sean O’Casey stage drama about a poor Dublin family’s struggles during the Irish civil war. Sara Allgood offers a tour-de-force performance as the hard-working mother Juno Boyle. Allgood was a star of the distinguished Abbey Theatre in Dublin and the character of Juno was her most renowned stage role. Juno is haggard from laboring on behalf of her children. Husband Jack is a shiftless lout who struts around like a “paycock” hoping for free drinks in exchange for tales of his career as a sea captain. Son Johnny is a sullen invalid who stares out the window most of the day. He has lost his arm in the struggle for a united Ireland and feels he can do no more for the cause. Amid the strife of their workaday world daughter Mary arrives home to introduce a new boyfriend: a lawyer who brings the promise of a large inheritance from Jack’s deceased cousin. Anticipating the receipt of the legacy they purchase new furniÂture, clothes and a gramophone to decorate their drab flat, Juno rejoices, “I’ll never doubt the goodness of God again.” Or will she? Hitchcock’s expert direction results in a positively riveting production. Allgood’s fellow Abbey Theatre actor Barry Fitzgerald makes his screen debut here. He opens the film in a small but strong role, offering a rousing oration about Irish patriotism. 95 minutes. Hitchcock