Keaton’s Classic Two-Reelers

1. THE SCARECROW (1920-USA). With BUSTER KEATON, AL ST. JOHN. Directed and written by KEATON, EDDIE CLINE. Buster is being aided by his oversized pal as he attempts to rid himself of a painful tooth. The two then share a meal; what goes on during the repast is better seen than described. It’s pure visual comedy. Buster and his fat friend begin brawling over a girl, leading to more pure Keaton. A highlight: Buster’s transformation into a scarecrow in a farm field.
2. THE GOAT (1921 -USA). With BUSTER KEATON, MAL ST. CLAIR. Directed and written by KEATON, ST. CLAIR. The Depression hasn’t yet arrived. Still, poor Buster finds himself languishing on a breadline. He is too dimwitted to realize that the two “men” waiting in front of him are clothing store dummies! Eventually, our sad-sack hero manages to get the goat of an entire police force. He is mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, an escaped desperado!
3. MY WIFE’S RELATIONS (1922-USA). With BUSTER KEATON. Directed and written by KEATON, EDDIE CLINE. Busier is a young go-getter who lives in an immigrant neighborhood where every language but English seems to be spoken. He ends up becoming a very reluctant bridegroom!
4. NEIGHBORS (1920-USA). With BUSTER KEATON, JOE KEATON. Directed and written by KEATON, EDDIE CLINE. Buster is in love with the girl next door. He and his sweetie pass romantic notes to each other through a hole in the fence which separates their nouses. Unfortunately, Buster’s family hates that of his beloved and her clan is no more fond of his. Will love find a way amid all the feuding and chaos? Keep a straight face and find out!
“Silent” films with music score. 74 minutes total. Keaton