Keaton’s Classic Two-Reelers Volume I

1. THE PLAYHOUSE (1921-USA). With BUSTER KEATON. Directed and scripted by KEATON and EDDIE ClINE. Buster enters Keaton’s Opera House and discovers the dream show of any Keaton fan. Every member of the orchestra is Buster Keaton. The stagehand is Buster Keaton. On-stage are Buster Keaton’s Minstrels, an interlocutor and eight end men who are all Buster Keaton. “This fellow Keaton seems to be the whole show,” remarks one of the audience members (all of whom are played by-you guessed itÑthe Great Stone Face himself). What makes this extraordinary sequence even more amazing is the fact that Buster did not rely on laboratory tricks to create this Keaton extravaganza. Instead, he and FRED CABOURJE, his special effects designer, taped off portions of the camera lens and re-used the film until his multiple image dream was complete. One of the stagehand’s duties is to dress a trained monkey for its upcoming vaudeville turn. The monkey escapes and Buster decides to save his job by impersonating the creature, It is one of the most freakish and yet brilliant moments in “silent” film comedy. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #1765.
2. COPS (1922-USA). With BUSTER KEATON. Directed by KEATON and EDDIE CLINE. In what is easily his best-known short, Buster appears as a hapless chap whose girlfriend won’t marry him until he’s a winner in business. After a series of comic misadventures, Keaton finds anything but success: in fact, he ends up being chased through the streets by dozens of irate policemen. Dozens and dozens and dozens of policemen. Perhaps this is the ultimate movie chase. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #1473.
3. THE BOAT (1921-USA). With BUSTER KEATON. Directed and written by KEATON, EDDIE CLINE. Eight bells and all is not well! Buster has just completed constructing his very own pleasure boat, which is ready for launching. Only trouble is, how will he and his family transport the thing from their garage to the pier? Damfino! Busier proves himself an A-1 housewrecker in this ingenious comedy, which really gets going as the boat finally sets out to sea.
4. DAY DREAMS (1922-USA). With BUSTER KEATON, RENEE ADOREE. Directed and written by KEATON, EDDIE CLINE. Buster comes courting his best gal and asks her father for her hand in marriage. Papa wants to know if Buster has the ability to support her and the hopeful bridegroom pledges to go out into the world and prove his mettle. As he does this he immediately goes to the dogs, in more ways than one! Buster’s antics as a street cleaner and on board yet another seafaring craft are a special delight.
“Silent” films with music score. 91 minutes total. Keaton