Keystone Comedies: Gussle

2066. KEYSTONE COMEDIES VOLUME VII: GUSSLE 09i4-i9i5-usA). Gussle was the creation Of Sydney Chaplin, Charlie’s half-brother. His style was a bit vulgar (most Of his juicer antics were thankfully left on the cutting room floor), with a trick moustache and hair parted in the middle. “Gussle” appeared in a series Of Keystones before the war. Produced by MACK SENNETT.
1. GUSSLE THE GOLFER (December, 1914). With SYDNEY CHAPLIN, MACK SWAIN, SLIM SUMMERVILLE. Gussle tries to impress Mack Swain’s wife on the golf course, fails miserably, cheats during a card game at the clubhouse, and then the Keystone Cops stage a raid!
2. GUSSLE’S DAY Of REST (March, 1915). With SYDNEY CHAPLIN, PHILLIS ALLEN, EDDIE CLINE, SLIM SUMMERVILLE. Gussle and his wife spend a day by the seaside, “Water Water Everywhere, and not a drop to drink!”
3. GUSSLE TIED TO TROUBLE (May, 1915). With SYDNEY CHAPLIN, PHYLLIS ALLEN. Gussle goes mountain climbing! Mrs. Gussle catches him flirting with a barmaid at the resort, and the chase is on!
4. GUSSLE’S BACKWARD WAY (May, 1915). With SYDNEY CHAPLIN, PHYLLIS ALLEN. Gussle is attacked while riding a mule (don’t ask why) and winds up the hero at a party! 55 minutes total. ÒSilent Comedies