Keystone Comedies: Mabel And Fatty Meet The Keystone Cops

2061. KEYSTONE COMEDIES VOLUME III: Mabel and Fatty Meet The Keystone Cops (1915-USA). Return to that happy year before the war when romance and slapstick comedy were stirred up by producer MACK SENNETT and served as one tasty one and two-reel dish after another.
1. MABEL LOST AND WON {June, 1915). With MABEL NORMAND, OWEN MOORE, MACK SWAIN. Fatty’s nowhere to be seen as lovely Mabel becomes engaged to handsome Owen Moore. Then in walks Mack Swain and the four kids!
2. WISHED ON MABEL (April, 1915). With MABEL NORMAN, FATTY ARBUCKLE. Mabel and Fatty frolÂic in the park while mother’s attention wanders. A watch thief steals a watch, but Fatty’s the one who gets into trouble! Note: this film also appears as cat. #2870.
3. MABEL, FATTY AND THE LAW (January, 1915). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, MABEL NORMAND, HARRY GRIBBON, MINTA DURFEE. Two husbands, two pretty maids and the Keystone Cops to the rescue!
4. FATTY’S PLUCKY PUP (June, 1915). With FATTY ARBUCKLE, JOSEPHINE STEVENS, Al ST. JOHN, EDGAR KENNEDY. This time, ifs Fatty without Mabel, but he does have his dog, who comes in mighty handy at the amusement park when his girlfriend is kidnapped! The Keystone Cops strike again! “Silent” films with music score. 57 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies