Kid Sister, The

873. THE KID SISTER (1945-USA). With ROGER PRYOR, JUDY CLARK, FRANK JENKS. This cute farce opens with oddest Of prologues: “Do you, at times, find your children somewhat Of a headache? Do the little darlings run you ragged? Scientific research… has solved the problem…” From this, you may think that the film details the exploits Of some pre-kindergarten monsters,-rather, it chronicles the zany exploits Of one Joan Hollingsworth, a young lady who is certainly no toddler. Still, she’s a mischievous type who manages to find herself immersed in one disastrous escapade after another. Complains her constantly flustered mother, “I can’t understand why Joan is such a scatter brain.’ To Joan’s chagrin, Mom has the quaint notion that older’ sisters- and, in particular, HER older sister – should be the first in the family to wed. Joan will have none Of this especially since Big Sis is an empty-headed snob who puts her down by referring to her as “infant.” So Joan becomes determined to snare her older sister’s gentleman friend. She’ll accomplish this even if it means teaming up with a burglar who’s been trying to rob the family’s jewels. Frank Jenks is perfect as the wisecracking burglar… and, as far as we are concerned, Judy Clark can sit on just about any lap she wants to. 56 minutes. Comedy