Killer Bats; Devil Bat

697. KILLER BATS (DEVIL BAT) (1941-usa). WITH Bela Lugosi, Dave Obrien, Suzanne KAAREN, ARTHUR Q. BRYAN. “All Heathville loved Paul Carruthers, their kindly village doctor. No one suspected “that in his home laboratory, on a hillside overlooking the magnificent estate of Martin Heath, the doctor found time to conduct certain private experiments…weird, terrifying experiments”. Pure Lugosi, in his own element as the film begins, pouring chemicals from one vial to another, then smiling an evil grin when the desired reaction takes place! Working on “glandular stimulation through an electrical process”, the mad doctor achieves success by subjecting his pet bats (which he calls “my friends”) to his secret process. The results? Monster, blood-sucking bats that kill whoever is wearing a certain perfumeÉA Smell of Death! 68 minutes. Horror