King Of The Kongo, The

703. THE KING OF THE KONGO (1929-USA). The First Mascot serial, with JACQUELINE Logan, Walter Miller, Richard Tucker, Boris Karloff. “There are men who carry their lives in their hands-not on the battlefield, but amid the greater perils of the secret service”. Handsome Larry Trent is sent by the Government to “Nuhalla, the place of the Ghosts”, deep in the jungle, to break up a gang of ivory thieves. Diana Martin is also enroute to Nuhalla to find her long lost father. “Scarface” Macklin and his gang, keeping Diana’s father prisoner to force him to reveal where the jewels are buried, are aided by a pit of alligators, various wild lions and leopards, a huge gorilla and even a prehistoric “dinosaurus”. Filmed in Angkor, Cambodia just as sound was making silent serials out-of-date, this very rare serial was released in sound as well as silent versions with title cards for theaters not yet ready for “talkies”. Using the silent version, we’ve added a music score to present this 10-episode serial as authentically as possible. Some confusion does result as the few “dialogue” scenes from the “sound” version were left in the “silent” version by the producers, leaving us to wonder whatÕs being said while waiting for the next title card. A small price to pay to see this newly reÂdiscovered sound-silent serial, the start of the Mascot Company! 213 minutes Serial