King Solomon’s Mines

2079. KING SOLOMON’S MINES (1937-ENGLAND). WITH Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, ROLAND YOUNG, ANNA LEE, JOHN LODER. Directed by ROBERT STEVENSON. Based on the novel by H. RIDER HAGGARD. A first-rate screen version of the extraordinary adventures of fabled white hunter Allan Quartermain. The year is 1881 and Quartermain learns of the existence of the legendary King Solomon’s diamond mines and the untold riches contained within them. However, Quartermain has no interest in treasure hunting. He sets out on a trek across the African wilderness to link up with fellow Britishers Sir Henry Curtis and Commander Good, clients whom he will lead on a game shooting expedition. Prior to meeting Curtis and Good, Quartermain comes upon aging Irishman Patrick O’Brien and his impertinent daughter Kathy. O’Brien lusts after King Solomon’s treasure. Resulting events cause Quartermain and company to alter their plans, with the bulk of the scenario chronicling their exploits as they search for the mines. They are led on the journey by the mysterious Umbopa. The latter is played in spellbinding style by the great Paul Robeson and the film serves as a showcase for Robeson’s considerable singing and acting skills. Add to this some great special effects and vivid on-location shooting in Africa, and the result is a spine-tingling adventure drama you won’t soon forget. 79 minutes. Adventure