1491. KISMET (1920-USA). WITH otis SKINNER, elinor fair, herschel mayall DIRECTED BY louis GasNIER. The distinguished actor Otis Skinner was for years one of America’s reigning stage performers and is bilk here as “America’s Foremost Romantic Actor.” At a time when so many theater notables were being lured into the movie industry, Skinner decided to take the plunge with this solid, stirring adaptation of the Edward Knoblauch play-which was also the actor’s most famous and popular stage vehicle. Kismet is an Arabian Nights fantasy, which Skinner offers a crafty performance as Hajj, a Bagdad beggar. He is surrounded by a gallery of colorful characters. Jawan, the White Sheik, is Hajj’s long-time adversary, a now-repentant outlaw who years before h; stolen the beggar’s wife and killed his son. Caliph Abdalla is the handsome, all-powerful ruler of Bagdad, while the villainous Mansur, the Wazir of Police, manipulates Hajj into pledging to assassinate the Caliph. Marsinah, HajÕs daughter, a pretty, virginal maid, is the Caliph’s belovedÑand is also desired by Mansur as the newest addition to his harem. Kismet is crammed with much grandeur, romance and intrigue, with its lavish sets and costumes worthy of special praise. Several footnotes: that’s Skinner’s daughter, 19-year-old CORNELIA OTIS SKINNf who later became an authoress and character actress of note, in the role of “Miskah”; the director. Louis Gasnier-listed in the credits simply as “Gasnier”-went on to film the camp classic Reefer Madness; in 1930s. Skinner brought back the character of Hajj in a sound version of the story. Silent film with original organ score correct projection speed. 98 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama