Knock Out, The; Dough And Dynamite

531. THE KNOCKOUT and DOUGH AND DYNAMITE (1914-usa). A pair Of keystone 2-Reelers with CHARLIE CHAPLIN.
1. THE KNOCKOUT (1914-USA) features ROSCOE “FATTY” ARBUCKLE as a small town yokel who takes on Cyclone Flynn, a travelling boxing champ, to impress his girl (MABEL NORMA ND). Look for MACK SENNETT himself as one Of the “bad guys”. Charlie plays a supporting role as the referee for the big fight (he soon would play only leading roles!) Which ends with a typical chase, aided and abetted by the “Keystone Cops”. Look carefully for CHARLIE CHASE, MACK SWAIN, ERIC CAMPBELL, AL ST. JOHN, MINTA DURFEE, EDGAR KENNEDY, SLIM SUMMERVILLE.
2. DOUGH and DYNAMITE (1914-USA). Edited and titled by Chaplin’s brother SIDNEY CHAPLIN. Charlie’s a baker’s assistant in a pastry shop where every lady inevitably stands in front Of the big sign that proudly proclaims “Assorted French Tarts”. The plot could charitably be called ‘chaos’, but it bears a slight resemblance lo a labor dispute at the bake shop that leaves Charlie In charge when the regular bakers walk out. Charlie’s no “loafer!” Silent films with music score, correct projection speed. 72 minutes total. Chaplin