Lady Mislaid, A

1885. A LADY MISLAID (1957-England). With PHYLLIS CALVERT, ALAN WHITE, THORLEY WALTERS, GILLIAN OWEN. Phyllis Calvert and Gillian Owen play Off one another nicely as Esther and Jennifer Wallace, sisters who reside in London and have gone on holiday at the quaint country cottage they have just purchased. All the Wallaces wish are rest and relaxation, but this becomes all but impossible when the police arrive at their doorstep. It seems that the wife Of Mr. Smith, the propÂerty’s previous owner, has disappeared, and the cops are determined to tear the house apart in search Of her corpse. What follows is an absorbing tale in which the sisters mix with a quartet Of characters: a gossipy housekeeper, who constantly blurts out revealing, nerve-shattering references to the house’s history; Jennifer’s edgy fiancŽe; a charming, determined police sergeant; and finally, Mr. Smith HIMSELF, A SUAVE BUT PUSHY-AND MUCH TOO OBVIOUSLY GUILTY-MURDER suspect. 60 minutes. Drama