Lamb, The

2236. THE LAMB (1915-USA). Wilh DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, SEENA OWEN. Supervised by D.W. GRIFFITH. Story by GRANVILLE WARWICK (a pseudonym for GRIFFITH). This is Doug Fairbanks’ very first starring role in a feature film. After seeing it you will know why he was to grow into one of the silent screen’s most popular and beloved action movie stars. Before he became a swashbuckling celluloid hero in the 1920s, Doug appeared in a series of films in contemporary settings. In them he played cheerful and ever resourceful all-American males. He stars in this uproarious comedy-adventure as a character billed simply as “Son Of The Idle Rich,” the weakling offspring of “an old war horse who died clinching his teeth in a Wall Street bear.” “The Lamb” gambols about in a top hat and morning suit so tightly fitted he can barely climb over a hedge to court his lady-love Mary. Their romance becomes rocky when a muscle-bound cactus-fed Goat from Arizona impresses Mary with his firm grip. Later the Goat risks his life to save a drowning woman as the cowardly Lamb stands on the shore. Realizing he is a wimp, “The Lamb” shows he is a lion. This comes in the heat of a Yaqui Indian rebellion, with Mary about to be Sacrificed to a half-caste chieftain and the U.S. Cavalry still miles from the battle. “Silent” film with music score, 56 minutes. “Silent” Comedy