Last Frontier, The

1245. THE LAST FRONTIER (1932-USA). 12 Episode RKO Serial. With LON CHANEY, JR., DOROTHY GULLIVER, FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN, JR., WILLIAM DESMOND, YAKIMA CANUTT. The Last Frontier has the distincÂtion of being the only serial ever produced by RKO studios. It features Lon Chaney, Jr., son of the Man of a Thousand Faces, who today is most fondly recalled as the star of numerous 1940s horror films. He was also cast in a healthy share of Westerns, usually as a heavy. In The last Frontier, however, he portrays Tom Kirby, editor of a weekly newspaper, who’s attempting to hall the supplying of arms to Indians by unscrupulous traders. There are cattle stamÂpedes, kidnappings, blazing six-shooters, thundering hoofs and many a last-minute rescueÑall of which compenÂsate for the hilariously wooden actingÑin this wild and woolly serial. Who is the Black Ghost- mysterious fighter for law and order? 209 minutes Serial