Last Man On Earth, The

2628. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964-USA-ltaly). With VINCENT PRICE. Based on a story by RICHARD MATHESON. The incomparable Vincent Price offers a sturdy performance in this chillingly provocative science fiction/ horror thriller. The setting is a large metropolis that is strangely deserted. No cars drive along the highways. No people walk the streets. In fact, the few humans on view are corpses. It seems that all of humanity has been destroyed by a horrible plague! Then, an alarm clock wakes up a man who has been sleeping. He is Robert Morgan, a scientist who is immune to the germ that has caused the plague. Morgan narrates the story, explaining that he has “inherited the earth.” For the past three years, he has been the last man on the planet, the lone survivor of the holocaust. “I own the world,” Morgan declares. “An empty dead silent world.” However, you will see that he is not as alone as you might think. For one thing, each night,victims of the plague mysteriously come alive and are transformed into vampires who lust after Morgan’s blood. The cloves of garlic he leaves outside his living quarters are not enough to repel the demons. Each day, he sets out to attempt to uncover their whereabouts and destroy them by driving stakes through their hearts. He is all too aware as each night falls that as long as they remain alive he is but “a heartbeat away from hell.” Further complications arise when Morgan learns that the vampires are not the sole living creatures in his midst! The film is at once shockingly scary and a profoundly moving allegory which examines man’s will to live, even under the most harrowing Vincent Price circumstances. English language and dubbed in English. 86 minutes. Science Fiction