Last Renunion, The

1927. THE LAST REUNION (1954-England). WITH eric portman, michael gough. The setting Of this pointed, meticulously acted drama about the folly Of war is a reunion Of World War II veterans, men Of various backgrounds and temperaments who served together on a bomber. Each year, they come together to dine, drink, reminisce, and keep up on each other’s whereabouts. Their meetings are haunted by the specter Of their commanding Officer, Simmie, who died during a bombÂing run. Simmie’s last wish was that his surviving charges reunite once a year; to the present day, each is aware that Simmie “would be livid” if any Of them skipped the fete. The comrades-in-arms arrive, and there is much philosophizing on a variety Of provocative, very real subjects: life and death, and the manner in which the dead remain alive in the minds Of the living; the possibility Of reincarnation; the passage Of time, and how yesterday very quickly becomes a long time ago, and, ultimately, the quality and meaning Of a person’s life. Hovering ominously over the proceedings, in the person Of Eric Portman, is the spirit Of Simmie – and there is a shocking, shattering finale that is not to be believed, and which you will not soon forget. 54 minutes. Drama