Law Of The Jungle

2187. LAW OF THE JUNGLE (1942-USA). With ARLINE JUDGE, MANTAN MORELAND, ARTHUR O’ CONNELL. Upon America’s entry into World War II, the Hollywood studios immediately began producing scenarios which depicted the enemy as dastardly swine. These films reminded viewer; that the Japanese and Germans were formidable foes. This diverting action-drama is a textbook example of one such film. The setting is somewhere in Africa. Among its characters are Nona Brooks, Brooklyn- born singer whose manager has skipped out on her. She has been left without a passport and for the time being is performing in a small nightclub run by a suspicious character named Simmons. The black actor-comedian Mantan Moreland is on hand for wisecracks as Jefferson Jones of Harlem USA. He is the aide of Larry Mason, paleontologist who has come to Africa to complete a research project. It seems that Simmons has been working for a pair of scheming foreign agents who are attempting to stir trouble among the native tribes. The film also is of interest for its racial attitudes. Jeff Jones is portrayed as a classic stereotypical black who is easily spooked and who constantly wrecks the English language. Finally, the film is a very early credit of Arthur O’ Connell, the talented supporting actor who was to earn a couple of Academy Award nominations a decade later. He is cast as Simmons. You’ve never seen him so young. 61 minutes. Action-Drama