Law Of The Wild, The

1693. THE LAW OF THE WILD (1934 -USA). 12 episode Mascot Serial. With “REX,” “RIN-TIN- TIN, JR.,” BEN TURPIN, BOB CUSTER. You know whatÕ s coming when a horse and a dog get top billing! Rin Tin Tin, Jr. was the offspring of the canine star who singlehandedly kept Warner Bros, in business during the 1920s. In the following decade, he proved to be one of Mascot studio’s most prolific and popular serial stars. He’s joined by Rex, a stallion billed as the “King of Wild Horses,” serial lead Bob Custer, and Ben Turpin, the cross-eyed silent screen comedian, for this slam-bang, action-packed adventure set in the contemporary West. Custer plays John Sheldon, a rancher and the owner of Rex. A varmint named Salters, one of Sheldon’s hands, covets the stallion and decides to pilfer it – a crime that Sheldon’s police dog Rinty will not allow. Dog and horse thief struggle, but before the fight is finished Sheldon finds himself struck by the handle of Salters’ gun and knocked unconscious. Salters rides off with Rex, and it will be up to Sheldon and Rinty to pursue the thief. Along the way, they’re forced to contend with villains who are even shiftier and greedier than Salters, as well as Sheldon’s arrest on a trumped- up murder charge. Whenever the rancher is in a stew – and that’s usually about three times per episode – Rinty is there to save the day. Turpin pops up along the way as Henry, a cross-eyed ranch hand whose presence becomes vital as the scenario unfolds. 216 minutes. Serial