Legong: Dance Of The Virgins

2173. LEGONG: DANCE OF THE VIRGINS (1930-USA). An all-native cast is featured in this seductive romantic tale that was filmed on location on the beautiful South Seas island of Bali. The story is “based on facts and authentic customs” and tells of the plight and fate of a virtuous young Balinese woman called Poutou. As she is about to perform the “legong” or (“Dance of the Virgins”) during a sacred temple feast, she notices a lithe young man playing a musical instrument. He is Njong, from a northern region of the isle, and Poutou falls instantly and hopelessly in love with him. While doing so, she remembers a prophesy: “Should love enter thine eyes and go to thine heart, beware, for should he whom thou choosest not return thy love, thy gods will frown and disÂgrace will befall thee.” Afterwards Poutou’s father looks into her eyes and knows that she has “met the one of your heart.” He decrees that the time has come for his daughter to wed. Njong is invited to dinner. However, romantic complications arise when Njong sets his eyes on Poutou’s beautiful younger half-sister Saplak as she disrobes by a spring to bathe. Njong thinks Saplak is “the most beautiful maid in all Bali,” a fact which does not bode well for Poutou. The scenario is a poignant reminder that across the ages and within diverse cultures the basic yearning for love remains univerÂsal. With the nonstop presence of near nude native women, the film also is an issue of ‘National Geographic” come to life! “Silent” film with music score. 50 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama