Leopard Woman, The

2213. THE LEOPARD WOMAN (1920-USA). With LOUISE GLAUM, HOUSE PETERS. Directed by WESLEY RUGGLES. Louise Glaum was one of the most seductive of all silent screen vamps. She heats up the desert sands in rhis sizzling drama which opens in exotic Cairo, where “‘death bows before the whim of Allah.” Glaum plays “Madame,” an alluring lady of mystery who holds midnight soirees in a luxurious hotel. Into her world walks John Culbertson (well played by ruggedly handsome British actor House Peters), a sportsman who rejects an invitation to her nocturnal entertainment with the retort “I’m not interested in parties or Madames.” The British Embassy calls upon Culbertson to make a trek through the desert to effect an alliance with a faraway domain known as M’tela’s Kingdom. As he prepares a safari, a representative of a nation which opposes Britain approaches “Madame” with a most unusual proposition. He wants “Madame” to lead her own safari into the desert with the intention of killing Culbertson and making M’tela’s Kingdom his country’s ally. However, under the full desert moon the two enemy agents are destined to meet and become romantically involved. Which one will reach M’tela’s Kingdom first? Will “Madame” end up fulfilling her mission and killing her unsuspecting lover? “Silent” film with music score. 72 minutes. “Silent” Drama