Lightning Bryce

2238. LIGHTNING BRYCE (1919-USA). With JACK HOXIE, ANN LITTLE. 15 Episode Arrow Serial. Here Is an exciting serial which is jam-packed with near misses and narrow escapes. It tells the story of Bryce and Arnold, two old prospectors in the Southwest who discover an apparently deserted cave filled with gold. Unknown to them, the gold is the sacred treasure of the La Conche Indians. Bryce and Arnold write directions to the cave on a string wrapped around the blade of a bowie knife. The string is to be given to Arnold’s daughter Kate, who has spent the past year in the Big City and is returning home to cattle country. The knife is meant for Bryce’s son Sky (who is known to his host of friends as “Lightning”), a cattleman who deeply savors his freedom to ride the range and live life as a man. The villain of the story is scheming Powder Solvang, an outlaw who lusts after the gold and concocts scheme after scheme in an effort to secure the string and knife. Solvang and his gang get to cause no small inconvenience for Kate and Lightning. Poison darts and explosions and deadly blazes and avalanches are but a few of the hazards with which they must contend. Two other characters play major roles in the story. The first is Zambleau, an indian who for unknown reasons keeps attempting to kill Lightning and Kate. The second is a female who is known simply as “The Mystery Woman!” “Silent” film with music score. 298 minutes. “Silent” Serial