Li’l Abner

746. LI’L ABNER (1940-usa). WITH martha oÕdriscoll, granville owen, buster keaton. Look for CHESTER CONKLIN, DOODLES WEAVER, AL ST. JOHN, and EDGAR KENNEDY in cameo roles. SALOMEY THE PIG is played by hisself. Al Capp’s residents Of Dogpatch come to life for the first time. Daisy Mae, Mammy and Pappy Yokum, Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat, even Earthquake mcgoon, all romp across the screen, as American as apple pie and Sadie Hawkins Day. ItÕs the darndest thing, they all look egg-sackly like they do in the Sunday comics. Thinking he’s a-gonna die in just one day from “Scrombosis”, Abner decides to make powerful, romantical love to Daisy Mae before he kicks Off, and finds himself engaged! During an attempt to capture Earthquake mcgoon in Skunk Holler, Abner meets up with Wendy Wilecat who competes with Daisy Mae in the Sadie Hawkins race. Marryin’ Sam’s gonna get some work for sure! 72 minutes. Comedy