Lili’s Wedding Night

2992. LILI’S WEDDING NIGHT (1952-USA). With LILI ST. CYR, CONTESSA VERA RICHKOVA, LEON DeVOE, PATTI WAGGIN, SLATS TAYLOR. A burlesque show, “exactly as presented at The El Rancho Vegas Hotel.” A burly-Q show with a western theme and a surprising number of strippers who can not only dance well, but can sing too! Don’t miss the “Contessa,” described as a “French Interpretive Dancer” who not only sings, but smokes a cigarette while waving her very long legs around the stage. I admit to being hypnotized by this statuesque “noblewoman.” Of course, Lili St. Cyr’s patented “wedding night” scene is worth the price of admission alone. As she moves from her miniature bathtub to a bridal bed resembling a Viking warship, it’s easy to see what made her a headliner. Finally, don’t miss the most politically incorrect act since Jolson sang “Mammy.” The song is “Big Fat Cadillac” and the vocalist in blackface will give you the urge to spit watermelon seeds at the stage. This was real burlesque! 65 minutes. Burlesque