Lily Of Killarney; Bride Of The Lake, The

1225. LILY Of KILLARNEY (The Bride Of the Lake) (1935-England).With GINA MALO, JOHN GARRICK, STANLEY HOLLOWAY. Directed by MAURICE ELVEY. Sir Patrick Creegan (John Garrick) is in a real fix. He’s $10,000 in debt and, if he doesn’t soon settle his affaire, he’ll lose his castle to Sir James Corrigan, a scheming, elitist tyrant. Corrigan has been pressuring Sir Patrick’s sister Nora to wed him; if she’ll do so, he’s promised to cancel her brother’s debt. At the same time Sir Patrick could solve his problem by marrying a rich young girl Of his own class; however, he’s secretly engaged to Eileen O’Connor (Gina Malo), his true love, who’s known as the “lily Of Killarney” and who happens to be Of peasant stock. Finally, Sir Patrick and Corrigan bet on a horserace, in which each other’s manes will compete. If Sir Patrick’s horse wins, he’ll keep his castle. If he loses, well… Add to all this a whiskey smuggler who lusts after Eileen, and the kindly, spirited Father O’Flynn (Stanley Holloway), who’s ever so fond Of a drink, a joke and a song, and the result is a robust drama-musical-romance Of the Emerald Me. Director Maurice Elvey, by the way, is easily the most prolific filmmaker in the history Of the British cinema. He began his career behind the camera in 1913, and over (he next 44 years made over 300 features and shorts! 82 minutes. Musical Romance