2237. LINDA (1929-USA). With WARNER BAXTER, NOAH BEERY, HELEN FOSTER. Directed by MRS. WALLACE REID. This is a stirring melodrama of love and sacrifice set in the natural splendor of timberland country. The region of Freedom Ridge is “hidden away among the mountains where life is stark and elemental, where ignorance and fear hold sway and human hearts go hungry for the want of love.” The central characler is Linda, a gentle and lovely backwoods girl who craves an education. Instead she is forced by a brutish father into marriage to a man she does not love. He is Armstrong Decker, a middle-aged mill boss (played by fabled silent screcn villain Noah Beery, who is surprisingly effective in a role of uncharacteristic tenderness). All the while Linda performs her wifely duties for “Mister Decker,” she secretly pines for handsome Dr. Randall whose visit to Freedom Ridge opens her heart to true love. One day a woman and boy appear at her door claiming to be Decker’s wife and child! Linda’s life is thus thrown. 75 minutes. “Silent” Drama