Little Humpbacked Horse, The

2718. THE HUMPBACKED HORSE (1961-USSR) COLOR. With THE BOLSHOI THEATER BALLET featuring MAYA PUSETSKAYA, VLADIMIR VASILYEV. This colorful and brilliantly danced ballet is based on a beloved Russian story written in 1834 by a young student named PYTOR YERSHOV. It is structured as a fairy story that unravels in a manner reminiscent of classic Russian folktales. The main character is Ivan (exuberantly acted and danced by Vladimir Vasilyev), a young peasant who is nicknamed “simpleton” and “fool,” but who actually is quite intelligent and clever. Ivan is the youngest son of an elderly farmer, and his two older brothers constantly poke fun at him. The story is set into motion when it appears that someone is trampling the wheat in Ivan’s father’s fields. The culprit proves to be a mare, who ends up presenting Ivan with three horses. Two are magnificent steeds. The third is small and ugly with oversized ears, and is known as the “humpbacked horse.” Ivan is told that he can sell the two steeds, but must never part with the humpbacked horse, as it will be his most faithful friend through thick and thin. The scenario goes on to involve Ivan in various adventures and link him with a gallery of colorful characters, including a foolish old king and a beautiful queen maiden (who is exquisitely danced by famed Russian ballerina Maya Plrselskaya). This delicious fantasy is a sure bet to be savored by one and all. English narration. 54 minutes. Ballet