Little Tramp: Charlie Chaplin, The

1. THE CURE (1917-USA). With CHARLIE CHAPUN, EDNA PURVIANCE, ERIC CAMPBELL, ALBERT AUSTIN. Directed by CHAPLIN. Charlie plays a bumbling, fall-down drunk in this brilliant justifiably famous comedy, one Of the fast he made while under the contract with the Lone Star-Mutual Company. While essentially playing his patented Little Tramp character, Chaplin is uncharacteristically attired in a light-colored coat and straw hat – and is rich enough to be taking a “cure” for his condition at a large “drying out” institution. Chaplin’s utilization Of gout as a gag, and his series Of zany run-ins with rotund Eric Campbell, are especially ingenious.
2. SHANGHAIED (1915-USA). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EDNA PURVIANCE, WESLEY RUGGLES. Directed by CHAPLIN. Prior to his association with Mutual, Chaplin was under contract with the Essanay company, where he fully developed his tramp character. Here, the resilient little vagabond goes through his comic paces as he falls for ship owner’s daughter Edna Purviance. He’s then hired to help shanghai the ship’s crew, only to find himself shanghaied as well. Be sure to note the creative use Of editing and, especially, camera movement.
3. THE VAGABOND (1916-USA). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EDNA PURVIANCE, ERIC CAMPBELL, ALBERT AUSTIN. Here is another Chaplin classic, produced for Mutual and featuring The Little Tramp as a street musician. The story is set into motion when he rescues damsel-in-distress Edna Purviance from a band Of sadistic Gypsies. They share a simple, happy life together, until…This is one Of the most poignant Of Chaplin’s early efforts. “Silent” films with original organ score, correct projection speed. 70 minutes total. Chaplin