Lodger, The; Story Of The London Fog, A

608. THE LODGER (A Story of the London Fog) (1926-ENGLAND). DIRECTED BY Alfred Hitchcock. WITH Ivor Novello, Marie Ault, Arthur Chesney, June, Malcolm Keen. “To-Night, Golden Curls.” Who is the mysterious killer known as “The Avenger”? A shadow of the darkened streets of London is killing women and bringing terror to the hearts of all! Where and will “The Avenger” strike next? A chilling story of a London family who takes in a new lodger, handsome, cold and aloof. The suspicion grows that he is “The Avenger”, who kills in the manner of Jack the Ripper. Early Hitchcock at his sinister best. The film in which he makes the first of his famous cameo appearances. Try to spot the young Mr. Hitchcock. Silent film with music score, correct projector speed. 131 minutes.