Long Hair Of Death, The

2674. THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH (1964-Italy). With BARBARA STEELE. The time is the end of the 15th century. A beautiful woman named Adele has been accused of murder and is about to be burned at the stake as a witch. Her young daughter Elizabeth may only be a mere child, but she is ordered to the castle of the rich and powerful Count Humboldt where she is to witness the execution. As Adele bums, she proclaims, “I curse you, Humboldt, and I curse your descendants. Your bodies will be tortured like mine is being tortured today. I will haunt you to your grave, murderer. A pestilence shall befall you. Evil shall befall you…My last curse will be on you and your family. Murder and death shall pervade you all.” Little Elizabeth quickly matures into a young beauty who is lusted after by Humboldt’s brutal son. Meanwhile, a plague begins descending over Humboldt’s land. It spreads like a raging fire in a dry forest, and soon the roads come to be littered with corpses. So begins this terrifyingly eerie and scary chiller that features healthy doses of passion and depravity, and skeletons that rise from graves and return to life! “The sun turns black and the moon turns the color of blood,” and the phrase “burning in effigy” takes on a horrifying new meaning! Dubbed in English. 95 minutes. Horror