Long Night Of 1943, The

2082.THE LONG NIGHT OF 1943 (1960-Italy). With BELINDA LEE, GINO CERVI, GABRIELE FERZETTI. Directed and co-scripted by FLORESTANO VANCINI. Co-scripted by PIER PAOLO PASOLINI. The course of the war changes dramatically as Allied forces land in fascist-ruled Sicily and General Dwight Eisenhower announces that the Battle of Europe has begun. How will this fight impact on the lives of Italians of varying political persuasions? This is a heart-rending drama, which not only answers this question but offers pointed commentary on the need for the individual to forever guard against the evils of the fascist mentality. It is set in the Po Valley town of Ferrara. The heroine is Anna, an attractive young woman who works in a pharmacy and tends to the needs^Ñ of her partially paralyzed husband. One day she runs into Franco, her former fiancŽe. Even though she is married, Anna allows herself to rediscover her love for Franco and they commence a clandestine affair. Director Vancini (whose first film this was) deservedly earned a citation at the 1960 Venice Film Festival for this profound and provocative work. Dubbed into English, 106 minutes. Drama