Look Out Sister

2598. LOOK OUT SISTER (1948-USA). With LOUIS JORDAN and HIS TYMPANY BAND, BOB SCOTT. Talented jazzman Louis Jordan presents boogie-woogie and be-bop western style in this spirited all-black-cast musical spoof of cowboy melodramas. Louis and his band are in the throes of a fast-paced countrywide tour when he collapses from exhaustion and is hospitalized. Recovering, he makes friends with his fellow patients. One of them is a youngster on crutches who asks Louis how he can learn to ride and shoot like the cowboys do. Kindhearted Louis would like to help the pint-sized buckaroo. However, he feels pressure to get back on his tour because greedy theatrical manager Mack Morgan is threatening to sue him if he dares appear at one more benefit before fulfilling all his paid performance dates. All of a sudden, Louis finds himself on an Arizona dude ranch that is just perfect for housing sick children who need fresh air and recreation. He comes to the aid of the ranch’s young owners by fending off a villainous mortgage holderĂ‘whose name just happens to be Mack Morgan! Life on the ranch offers nonstop entertainment, as black cowboy Bob Scott demonstrates exciting rodeo stunts and Louis proves that he can swing with the best of them on either side of the Mississippi. If you do not wear out the carpet tapping your toes to the innovative tunes of the heppest cat in the West, you had better check your hearing, ’cause this man’s beat is solid! 63 minutes. “All Black” Musical Comedy