Lost City, The

1784. THE LOST CITY (1935-USA). 12 Episode Krellberg Serial with WILLIAM “STAGE” BOYD, KANE RICHMOND, CLAUDIA DELL, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, EDDIE FETHERSTONE. A series of floods and earth shocks have been causing havoc across the world. Rivers are overflowing. Ships at sea are exploding. Countless people are dying. Via his magnetic detector, young electrical wizard Bruce Gordon has determined that the source of these phenomena is located in the heart of deepest, darkest Africa. He heads up an expedition to find and destroy it, before it can destroy the world. Gordon quickly learns that the source’s exact location is what has come to be known as Magic Mountain, which supposedly serves as a natural magnetic field that “flares up like a thousand searchlights.” The engineer locates the mountain, but what he doesn’t know is that deep within it is a strange, futuristic lost city. This metropolis is ruled by Zolok, an insane dictator who is a member of a nearly extinct race. Zolok comes complete with a pair of slave assistants: a hunchback named Gorzo, and a hunk named Appolyn. He’s kidnapped Natcha, a damsel who’s to find herself in constant distress, and her inventor father Manyus. Among Manyus’ discoveries are a cosmic condenser, a freezing gun, a destroying ray and an enlarging machine, all of which he hopes will be used to benefit mankind. Instead, they are being employed by Zolok, who’s bent on ruling the world. “You have already discharged enough electric energy in the atmosphere to destroy a hundred cities,” Manyus protests. Zolok can only rage at him, “I MUST have more electricity.” Surely Zolok will want to co-opt Gordon’s magnetic detector for his own nefarious ends. This despot will prove to be a formidable foe for the engineer, if only because he controls an army of living dead-men: “Giants. Black giants. The biggest, most terrible creatures you ever saw.” Furthermore, Gordon will have to contend with one Queen Rama, a madwoman who determines that he should marry her and rule Africa as the White King of the Wangas! 240 minutes. Serial