Lost Express, The

1413. THE LOST EXPRESS (1926-USA). With HELEN HOLMES. Directed by J.P. McGowan. Athletic Helen Holmes was one of the queens of the silent movie serial. The scenarios in which she appeared were often In a railÂroad setting, and were highlighted by heroine Holmes gallantly leaping from moving train to running horse or runÂning horse to moving train to battle the bad guys. She reached her peak of fame before 1920, but by mid-decade was still appearing in features. The Lost Express (directed by Holmes’ husband, J.P. McGowan) also has a train theme. The daughter of railroad tycoon John Morgan has separated from her husband, and the old man conspires to gain custody of his granddaughter for as long as the child’s parents remain estranged. The private train on which he’s traveling mysteriously disappears, and itÕs the quick thinking-and nifty acrobaticsÑof railroad employee Helen Martin (Holmes) that helps to save the day. Silent film with original organ score, correct projection speed. 59 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama