Lost In The Stratosphere

2234. LOST IN THE STRATOSPHERE (1934-usa). WITH wjlliam cagney, eddie NUGENT, JUNE COLLYER, MATT McHUGH, HATTIE McDANIEL. It is fascinating to see William (the look-alike brother Of James) Cagney on screen. An actor who later went on to produce a numÂber Of his more famous sibling’s features, William had a likable screen personality. He and handÂsome Eddie Nugent star in this engaging comic-romantic adventure as brash Army Air Force pilots Tom Cooper and Dick Wood. These junior Officers are best pals and rivals over just about everyÂthing from flying skills to skirt-chasing, They constantly play practical jokes on each other, especialÂly when in friendly conflict over women. “I get a kick out Of doing things I shouldn’t,” is Cooper’s motto. Things do get a bit out Of hand when be unknowingly begins playing footsie with the girl to whom Wood is engaged. He and she lose control Of their emotions and fall in love. At the same time Cooper and Wood are assigned to the “stratosphere flight.” The object Of this dangerous misÂsion is to attempt to break an altitude record and to study, via state Of the art scientific instruments, the “stratospheric and electrical air conditions at various altitudes.” The flight is to be undertaken in the biggest air balloon ever to leave the ground. It will be a hazardous one. The pilots will have a 50-50 chance for survival. The sibling Of another well-known actor also is in the cast. He is Matt (brother Of Frank) McHugh, and he has a supporting role as one Of Wood and Cooper’s fellow Officers. 66 minutes. Adventure