Love Affair

2361. LOVE AFFAIR (1939-USA). With IRENE DUNNE, CHARLES BOYER, MARIA OUSPENSKAYA, LEE BOWMAN, ASTRID ALLWYN. Directed by LEO McCAREY. If a programmer in a revival house were to put together a series devoted to great Hollywood romantic movies, this sophisticated and poignant classic certainly would qualify as the opening night selection. Dapper Charles Boyer is at his continental best as Michel Marnet, a notorious Casanova. The film opens with Michel sailing from Naples to New York. Rumor has it that he will be entering into marriage with a society heiress. While Ion board, Michel cannot help but start a flirtation with Terry McKay (Irene Dunne, in a lovely perforÂmance). However, Michel and Terry’s casual relationship soon deepens into serious romance. Upon arriving in New York the pair separate, but not before agreeing to meet in six months time at the top of the Empire State Building if they feel their love has not faded. Cruel fate plays a nasty role as the sceÂnario masterfully evolves from romantic comedy to tragedy and high drama. This is the first and by far the best of several filmed versions of the story, and it earned a slew of Academy Award nominations. One was for Best Picture. Others were for Best Actress (Irene Dunne), Best Original Story, Best Art Direction and Best Song. Maria Ouspenskaya also was cited as Best Supporting Actress for her cunning portrayal of Michel’s all-knowing grandmother. 87 minutes Romance