Ma Barker’s Killer Brood

2492. MA BARKER’S KILLER BROOD (1959-USA). With LURENE TUTTLE, IRIS COFFIN, DON GRADY. During the Great Depression Ma Barker and her four boys carried out a blood-curdling reign of terror. Among their nefarious deeds were a slew of robberies, murders and kidnappings. This well-made drama vividly details their exploits, and is a veritable crime festl Their sinister saga is based on police and newspaper files as well as eyewitness accounts. The events flow from youthful stealing of coins from the church collection plate, to tying up a victim and burning him alive. If the Barker brood with its gatling guns and tear gas isn’t menacing enough for most audiences, there is an additional cast of actors playing notorious mobsters Baby Face Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly and John Dillinger. Ma Barker always told her boys that the thing that counts most in life is having plenty of guts. If you don’t take Ma’s advice yourself, you at least can see how she and her boys follow it as you savor this sometimes violent and always exciting real-life crime story! 90 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense