Made For Love

2204. MADE FOR LOVE (1926-USA). With LEATRICE JOY. Presented by CECIL B. De MILLE. Leatrice Joy was one of the most gracious of all silent screen stars, and one-time wife of John Gilbert. She most typically played sophisticated society or career girls. The actress does quite well in a slightly different role in this pleasing adventure-romance. She is cast as Joan Whipple, neglected fiancee of American archaeology enthusiast Nicky Ainsworth. Nicky is more interested in “digging up Pharaohs at a time of life when most young men are digging up Fair Ones.” Joan has followed him to Egypt where he discovers the tomb of the royal lovers Aziru and Princess Herath. A spell had been laid upon ihis tomb fifty centuries earlier, called “The Curse Of Isis.” Despite the fact that three comical suitors have pursued her to Egypt, Joan’s heart remains with Nicky. She is summarily apprehended by Bedouins and rescued by Mahmoud, an Egyptian prince who steals ancient jewelry from tombs to sell to rich ladies. Nicky misconstrues these events. He becomes enraged and accuses Joan of being interested in the prince. What follows is an absorbing tale of deep conflict as Mahmoud plots to kill Nicky before he enters the tomb he has unearthed. In typical De Mille fashion, there is an elaborate flashback sequence where Joan and Nicky are seen as the ancient lovers. “Silent” film with music score, 68 minutes. “Silent” Drama