Man In The Raincoat, The

1199. THE MAN IN THE RAINCOAT (1957-France-Italy). With FERNANDEL, JOHN MCGIVER, BERÂNARD BLIER. Fernandel, the rubber-faced comedian who for four decades was one Of France’s top stars, Offers a hilarious performance as an inept clarinet player in a theatre orchestra. He is bored with his wifeÑ”Marriage is like chewing gum: the more you munch, the more taste it loses.” So, on the tip Of a co-worker, he visits Eva, an attractive young chorus girl who Offers companionship lo lonely men for a fee. Our hero nervously enters her apartment; she retires to her bedroom {which is complete with a mirror on its ceiling) lo change her clothes; he soon follows her thereÑand discovers her corpse! He quickly leaves the premises, but now his problems are only beginning: a man fitting his description is wanted by the police in connection with the crime. What follows is a risquŽ comedy-mystery featuring blackmail, thievery, jealousy, greed, sexual duplicity, several more killings -and poor Fernandel, who is as bumbling as ever as he attempts to exonerate himself and uncover the real culprit. Dubbed in English. 97 minutes. Comedy