Man With The Synthetic Brain; Blood Of Ghastly Horror; Fiend With The Atomic Brain, The; Love Maniac, The; Fiend With The Electronic Brain, The; Psycho A Go-Go

2752. MAN WITH THE SYNTHETIC BRAIN (Blood Of Ghastly Horror) (The Fiend With The Atomic Brain) (The Love Maniac) (The Fiend With The Electronic Brain) (Psycho A Go-Go!) (1969-USA) COLOR. With JOHN CARRADINE, KENT TAYLOR, TOMMY KIRK. Filmed in “Chill-O-Rama.” The story of this combination horror film/action-adventure drama/cops-and-robbers saga opens with a monster who looks like a mutant hunk going on a violent and deadly rampage. Then, Lieutenant Cross, a Hollywood homicide cop, receives a mysterious package. Inside is a note informing him that “All will die for Corey,” along with a severed head! Cross then tells the story of Joe Corey, a young soldier fresh from Vietnam. This unfortunate veteran’s battle scars included shell fragments in his brain. He was operated on by Dr. Van Ard, an aging scientist and inventor. Corey supposedly died, and the doctor signed the death certificate. Yet, it now is two years later and Corey’s fingerprints are found in the apartment of a thief who is killed during a robbery. Could Corey have somehow survived? It is revealed that Dr. Van Ard had developed a process by which a corpse can be returned to lifeÑbut only as a homicidal maniac capable of unspeakable violence! It is no understatement when one of the cops on the case observes, “We seem to have a walking dead man on our hands.” You’ll laugh out loud as you attempt to follow the plot of this fascinatingly inept film, which seems to have been edited together with super glue. Yet some of the individual sequences in which the various innocent individuals find themselves stalked and strangled or stabbed to death are seriously chilling. 82 minutes. Horror