Man With Two Lives

2457. MAN WITH TWO LIVES (1942-USA). With EDWARD NORRIS. Dr. Richard Clark is a brilliant research scientist whose ultimate goal is to revive human hearts that have stopped functioning. He already has brought dogs, cats and rabbits back to life. Now, he hopes to do the same for human beings. Dr. Clark’s opportunity comes one evening when his young friend Phillip Bennett (well-played by Edward Norris) is involved in a car crash. It just so happens that a psychotic killer is scheduled to be executed on the very night of Phillip’s accident. This coincidence allows the doctor to successfully revive Phillip using the heart of the electrocuted murderer. Before his accident, Phillip was “a boy who has everything to live for.” He was as nice a fellow as you ever could hope to know, and he had just become engaged. What will he be like now? While, physically speaking, he is as good as ever, how will his mind and spirit and ultimately his soul be affected? Find out in this absorbing and chilling science fiction/horror melodrama. 64 minutes. Science Fiction