Manster, The

2037. THE MANSTER (1962-USA-Japan). At once creepy and sexy horror tale which tells the story of Larry Stanford, an American foreign correspondent working out of Tokyo. His latest assignment: to interview Dr. Robert Suzuki, an independently wealthy scientist who is conducting experiments: in which he is attempting to pinpoint what he calls the “sequence of evolution.” Suzuki’s research already has resulted in the transformation of his wife into a slobbering moron and his brother into murderous ape. The doctor is looking for a new guinea pig and Stanford unknowingly finds himself the right guy in the wrong place. Suzuki knocks the reporter out and then injects into him a special serum. After regaining consciousness, he begins experiencing unusual physical discomforts and mood swings. Next he alienates his colleagues and wife as he begins spending more and more time with Suzuki-and with the doctor’s ravishingly beautiful assistant. Stanford docs not know that he “going through a metamorphosis” and is in the process of being transformed into a species that has never before walked the earth. He eventually develops a third eye, located on his shoulder. What happens next is just too harrowing to imagine! 72 minutes. Horror