Mark Of Zorro, The

775. THE MARK Of ZORRO (1920-usa). With Douglas Fairbanks. “Oppression – by its very nature, creates the power that crushes it. A champion arises Ñ a champion Of the oppressed Ñ whether it be a Cromwell or someone unrecorded, he will be there. He is born “Zorro, the masked rider Of Spanish California Of 150 years ago, rides out Of the night and with flashing sword “like a graveyard ghost”, carves his initials on the oppressor. Striding onto the screen with his boyish, happy, courageous and above-all, “morally right” image, Fairbanks not only fits the part perfectly, he also seems perfectly suited for the antithesis Of the brave costumed hero. “Don Diego Vega” is a foppish lad given to parlor tricks with his handkerchief, but in reality, he is the secret identity Of the feared Zorro. Handsome as hell, Fairbanks was a skilled athlete who not only did most Of his own stunts, but carried them Off with grace and skill. He was not only the leading man, but produced the film and even helped to write the screenplay. Will Zorro defeat the evil Governor Of California and his brutish and stupid henchman, Sgt. Gonzales? Will he win the fair Senorita de Pulido? Will his father regain his faith in the son whom he thinks a coward? You can bet your mask and sword on it Ñ such is the stuff Of which “truth, justice and the American way” are made. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 142 minutes ÒSilentÓ Adventure