2908. MATED (1952-USA). This uncommonly explicit sex education film begins where many other movies end, with a pair of lovers sharing a kiss upon getting married. Its narrator explains that in vintage Hollywood movies, couples joined in matrimony are alleged to “live happily ever after.” However, such stories are little more than fairy tales. The reality of marriage is something else altogether. Everyday married life eventually becomes a plodding routine, stripped of all romance and passion. One of the reasons for this is “sexual incompatibility.” Back when this film was produced, discussions about sex were taboo in the home and school. Young people were expected to remain sexually innocent until their wedding nights. They “knew nothing about the problems of physical adjustment that will confront them” as they became accustomed to married life. This film serves as a visual textbook which educates viewers on human sexuality. Every aspect of the subject is touched on, from male and female anatomy, sexual functions and development to the manner in which a person’s sex life affects his or her overall health. The language is straightforward. There is plenty of male and female nudity, graphic and full-frontal. Finally and remarkably, several actual births are shown on camera. This frank, no-holds-barred film remains as provocative today as when it was first produced. 63 minutes. Graphice Documentary