Memphis Belle, The

1631. THE MEMPHIS BELLE (1944-USA). COLOR. Directed, produced, scripted and co-photographed by WILLIAM WYLER. During the Second World War, anumberof Hollywood’s top filmmakers, including William Wyler, Frank Capra, John Ford, George Stevens and John Huston, served with various branches of the United States Armed Forces and filmed documentaries chronicling the war’s progress. Upon America’s entry into the conflict, Academy Award winner Wyler joined the U.S. Eighth Air Force, where he made this chilling, revealing, emotionally explosive record of a typical England-to-Germany bombing mission, Subtitled “A Story of a Flying Fortress,” it depicts the pain staking accuracy with which mechanics first prepare the plane and, later, “sweat out the mission”; the roaring engine sound of the bomber as it sets out on its deadly mission from the quiet, friendly English Countryside; and what happens on that mission, over the industrial heartland of Germany. This is no Hollywood war movie with special effects and mock heroics: all aerial combat footage was shot during actual air battles over enemy territory, and all the crew of the Memphis Belle are real GIs, from big cities and small towns across America, risking their lives in service to their country. 40 minutes. Documentary