Men Of Ireland

1601. MEN OF IRELAND (1938-lreland). Here is a poetic blending of ethnographic documentary and storytelling; set-and filmed on location-in the Blasket Islands, off the west coast of Ireland. The islands, a picturesque oasis isolated from the outside world, may be a sea lover’s paradise. However, there is danger lurking amid the seemingly calm, peaceful waters. The islands are nearer to America than any other part of Europe; as a result, the currents on their Atlantic side get the full force of the ocean, and many expert swimmers and fishermen have drowned in them, The film tells the story of an impetuous Dublin medical student, who’s been spending too much time away from his books at parties and in pubs. He reads about the Blaskets, takes stock of himself, and treks off to them where he “goes native” among the kind, hospitable islanders and finds friendship, love-arid turmoil. The film is also crammed with plenty of footage of islanders performing their native folk dances and songs. 62 minutes. Drama