Menace Of Communism, The

2131. THE MENACE OF COMMUNISM! (1955-1962-USA). Produced by The Office or Armed Forces Information and Education of The Department Of Defense. Three short films made after the war, when America was concerned that Communists would soon control the United States, and perhaps the whole world!
1. COMMUNIST BLUEPRINT FOR CONQUEST (1955). An explanation of the methods used by the Communists to take over a country. “The traditional symbol of the clenched fist sums up the Communist outlook.”
2. THE COMMUNIST WEAPON OF ALLURE (1956). “The masters of Communism are dedicated to our destruction.” How Communists attract unsuspecting people to their cause.
3. COMMUNIST TARGET: YOUTH (1962), INTRODUCED BY ATTORNEY GENERAL ROBERT KENNEDY. How the Communists recruit, exploit and manipulate young people around the world. 100 minutes total. Propaganda