Mere Jeevan Saathi; My Life Partner

218. MERE JEEVAN SAATHI (My Life Partner) (c. 1965-India). Color. You donÕt have to possess an adventurous spirit to appreciate this unusual piece Of cinematic art, but it certainly helps. If your concept Of Indian film is a leisurely-paced drama Of poverty-stricken peasants, here’s something that will more than open your eyes. Its a romance, a comedy, a musical, with voice dubbings by LATA MANGESKAR (who has a near monopoly In Indian musicals!) a melodrama, a richly detailed portrait Of a man’s rise to success and sudden downfall, and a surreal mosaic Of dazzling images. In typical Indian cinema tradition, the plot itself is so bizarre it almost defies description. The film is a non-stop series Of surprises, with its flamboyant camera angles and movements, tours de force Of editing, hauntingly strange fantasy sequences, abrupt transitions into musical numbers, extravagant color experiments and a seemingly inexhaustible magician’S bag Of extraordinary special effects. There’s even a laurel and Hardy film clip accompanied by Indian music! A good example Of “modern” Indian filmmaking (where the “cut” is the only transition allowed) In Hindi with English subtitles. 126 minutes. Drama