2212. MID-CHANNEL (1920-USA). With CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG. Clara Kimball Young was a dark-haired beauty whose films topped box office charts in the century’s second decade. She specialized in portraying mature, worldly women in serious dramas. In this timeless story of domestic upheaval she plays Zoe Blundell, a childless socialite. Zoe delights in accompanying her stockbroker husband Theo’s male friends to cafes while her hard-working and disgruntled spouse sits at home. Zoe and Theo have reached a stormy stage of marriage called “mid-channel.” “That’s when two people begin to look at each other with different eyes. Love-forbearance-kindness, everything pleasant is forgotten. You’re just deuced uncomfortable and wish you were out of it.” Theo’s friend predicts this discontented stage of bickering and nagging eventually will lead to clear sailing for the couple. Nevertheless, it seems as if the depths to which their relationship has sunk will more than likely result in a shipwreck. Which course will Zoe and Theo’s marriage ultimately take? Young was herself a recent divorcee when she made this film. She gives a heartfelt and knowing performance as a woman who has lost touch with the values she and her husband upheld during the salad days of their marriage. “Silent” film with music score. 69 minutes. “Silent” Drama