Middleton Family At The New York World’s Fair, The

2531. THE MIDDLETON FAMILY AT THE NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR (1939-USA) COLOR. Produced by Westinghouse. Welcome to the land of the Trylon and Perisphere! A “typical” family from Indiana (complete with colored maid) visits the “world of tomorrow” to marvel at the wonders awaiting us all. We’ll see the time capsule (scheduled to be opened in the year 6939), the marvels of television (will we really get radio with pictures in our own home?) and several other wonders. Let’s visit ‘The Playground Of Science,” and “The Junior Science Hall” (all Westinghouse exhibits) and see a marvel of the future available soon: an electric dishwasher! We’ll also have a chat with “Electro,” the “Moto-Man” who’s a real working robot (not very politically correct, the robot smokes a cigarette!). A thoroughly delightful visit to a small part of the world’s fair, by an American family whose values are rooted firmly in our traditional past. 54 minutes. Drama Documentary