Midnight At Madame Tussaud’s

2073. MIDNIGHT AT MADAME TUSSAUD’S (1936-Engiand). with james carew. Directed by GEORGE PEARSON. Sir Clive Cheyne is a rich and famous explorer-sportsman who was “head Of the polar expedition in 1925.” He has thus earned the distinction Of having his wax statue displayed at Madame Tussaud’s famous museum. Sir Clive’s likeness will be on view near other notables from Lawrence Of Arabia to Mae West to Marie Antoinette. However, this national hero is unable to rest on his glory. He notes that he is quite frightened Of Nick Frome, a “young man with expensive tastes and no job” who has been wooing his beloved but headstrong niece. One Of Sir Clive’s “friends,” Harry Newton, bets one hundred pounds that he will be unable to pass one night alone amid the ghoulish ambience. This wager, eventually plays a key role in a frenzied scramÂble among greedy Nick, down-and-out Harry and others who are determined to separate Sir Clive from his wealth. It culminates in a terror-filled midnight-til-dawn sequence within Madame Tussaud’s Chamber Of Horrors. This riveting chiller was filmed on location at the real Madame Tussaud’s in London. This is one Of the last films directed by George Pearson, considered to be England’s most famous filmmaker working between 1915andl925. 67 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense